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About Me

   Growing up in a large family in Toronto, Canada,  born to Sicilian parents I am the youngest of six children.  Food was always important to me and my family as even a weeknight dinner was a big event. 
My mother is my biggest inspiration as she is always able to create new and exciting recipes to keep our family together at the table, never eating the same boring thing.  I realized how food brings and keeps people together from this experience.
Due to unforeseeable circumstances I had to leave my career in the construction business.   Now I realized my passion for food and feeding people must become a part of my future. This blog is one way in which I wish to share as my journey takes me through a culinary experience as a hobby, right through to a being a professional in the food industry.
Italian food, grilling , BBQ and a fusion of ideas from local cuisine to all around the world will be represented.  From rustic and laid back recipes to modern and complex interpretations, the idea is to make good food and great memories.
Join me on this journey, as food was meant to be shared. Come sit at my, drink, laugh, cry with me and create the memories that will last for ever from within In Danny's Kitchen.


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