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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Decadent Organic Treats ( A review, by INDANNYSKITCHEN.COM)

    These days when you purchase baked goods or sweet treats it usually contains preservatives, chemicals and horrible things like high fructose corn syrup and glucose.  Color dyes and acids linked to life altering illnesses are also not uncommon.  When I was approached to try some 100% organic baked goods and chocolate treats by Nisreen Diab Hawley from I was ecstatic.
  Within a few days I received my sweet little box of treats at my door.  I carefully yet quickly opened the box and began to unravel the packaging and was immediately hit with intoxicating smells of chocolate, cinnamon, honey and pastry,  it was like walking into a bakery. 
I separated each of the items on a tray and stared at each individual treat, contemplating which one I would try first.

The first bite I had of the baklava nearly knocked me off my feet.  The crispy and flaky pastry crackled in my mouth and the filling was sweet and moist unlike any other baklava I have ever tasted.
Most baklava tends to be soggy and gummy after a few days but this was the total opposite. The secret in this 3 generation old recipe was in the layering of the phyllo pastry and that not every layer contained butter.  This allowed it to retain some of the crunch that I love so much.  The filling was so moist yet firm enough to hold together well and keep its shape.  A generous amount of homemade syrup and nuts added flavor and texture and really set this treat over the top.
The baklava is made with 100% Organic phyllo dough, Organic butter ( to ensure it's RBGH free ), Blend of Organic nuts, Organic sugar and cinnamon, and homemade syrup using filtered water,  Organic sugar and organic lemon juice.
The attention to detail in constructing this treat and it's careful selection of top notch ingredients is evident in the taste and it was truly the best I ever tasted.

   After tasting the phenomenal baklava I expected nothing less from these incredible smelling brownies.  The deep, rich, chocolate and cinnamon smell quickly reeled me in for the first bite. Soft and moist, chewy and chocolatey, gently laced with cinnamon, these brownies did not disappoint. The real kick comes in the end by way of the very light dusting of cayenne pepper.  I know right now many of you are thinking, what is cayenne pepper doing in a brownie ?. In actuality there is very little cayenne pepper so its not an amount that will make it overly spicy.  The truth is, it works.
   The brownies are made from Organic butter, Organic fair trade cocoa powder, Organic vanilla, Organic eggs, Organic sugar, Organic flour, Himalayan crystal salt, Organic cinnamon and Organic Cayenne pepper.
  The sweetness of the chocolate and the fat of the browned butter are cut extremely well by the cayenne and the combination is actually incredible.  The overall effect is a wonderful sweet treat with a hint of spice. It is definitely a new taste combination for me and I enjoyed it immensely.

Keeping in mind that 100% organic food items may not have as long a shelf life as their chemically enhanced, preservative pumped versions these treats traveled 2500 miles and took 5 days and were in incredible condition. Knowing that they were made with love and 100% Organic ingredients makes indulging worthwhile. Not having to worry about ingesting something that will alter your health down the road is a bonus.
Other products available are :
                                     Chewy White Chocolate.Chip Macadamia Nut cookies
                                                   Ginger Snap cookie chocolate cup
                                                Peanut Butter and Blackberry Jelly cup

                            **** Look for more great 100% Organic treats to come !!!!****
Orders can shipped just about anywhere in The USA and Canada and can be placed by contacting Nisreen Diab Hawley from on Facebook.  Nisreen is a true ambassador to all foods organic and continues to search the globe for 100% Organic ingredients and restaurants that will ensure the well being of anyone interested in having a healthier lifestyle.

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