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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Easy Grilled Vegetables

  With grilling season in full swing, most people are out cooking up their favorite cuts of meat.  The scent of smoke and bbq fill the air and happy faces can be seen all around.  We all know how satisfying a nicely grilled piece of meat, poultry or fish can be but often enough we struggle to keep up with our vegetable side dishes. Half way through the summer you realize you have eaten too much meat and begin to feel sluggish. 
   This recipe changes everything... really!  Think back to the many times you finished grilling and ran back into the house to make a boring salad to go with what ever you grilled.  Grilling vegetables is super easy and will transform your bbq and grilling sessions into a wonderful, delicious and healthy event.  There is no need to be picky about it either, just look around your fridge and you probably already have many lonely veggies waiting to be transformed.  Intimidated by grilling a vegetable? No need... it's actually super easy.
  Simple preparation and good ingredients will have you making this dish for all your summer events. You may even find guests eating more veggies than meats and feeling really good about it afterwards. The beauty of this recipe is that you can add or omit any variety of vegetables according to your taste.

Carrots, quartered and cut into strips about 2 inches long
Red onions cut into large chunks
Zucchini cut into 1/4 inch slices
Bell peppers, I use red,green, yellow and orange cut into strips
Broccoli cut bite sized
Corn cobs cut into 3 pieces
Mushrooms (white or cremini)
Olive oil ( enough to lightly coat all veggies)
 Dry oregano
Black pepper
Simply add all ingredients to a large bowl and toss until coated. Using a grill basket , place veggies on a hot grill and cook for 15 minutes , stirring occasionally.  This can be prepared on a gas or charcoal grill.

Once veggies are cooked they can be served hot or cold.  Add them to all your favorite grill meats, fish or poultry dishes in your summer BBQ events.


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