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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family and Friends

There is nothing better than getting together with family and friends for a picnic.  A beautiful sunny day, tonnes of  food and drinks, sharing, laughing, crying, playing....a great recipe for wonderful memories.
My cousin's yard sets the scene for this great day sitting adjacent to a farm and a beautiful B&B with expansive grass fields and beautiful horses about 1 hour north of Toronto.
A great big thank you to our parents, uncles and aunts for creating such a big and wonderful family to share all this fun with.
Brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and all the children complete the family ......
Gulyas(goulash), started cooking early morning over the hot coals...we wait patiently for this to cook several hours.
The sun beating down on us and the anticipation of all the great food makes us a little thirsty...
 Hipnotizing smoke begins to fill the air........
Shadow just can't wait much longer to eat.......
Those who are not working a grill are busy preparing from the kitchen......
Grill'n and chill'n.....until...
The feast begins!  Everybody digs in ......
Truly a recipe for laughter and good times.....

A great time had by everyone....
As night falls everyone gathers around the fire.... what a great day!

No matter where or when you do it, getting together with family and friends is sure to create great memories of  fun, great food and happiness.
To my family and friends... I love all of you and thanks for the great memories. I look forward to many more!

I wish to dedicate this post to my late uncle Angelo who we cherished dearly....thank you zio! we miss you.
There are no recipes in this post except for one.

1 large family
A bunch of friends
Great food and drinks
1 beautiful sunny day

Mix all together and serve immediately...Enjoy!

1 comment:

DARaiente said...

LOVE your pics Danny!
Looks like you and family had a ball! What a day!


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