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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Pizza, panzerotto, what's in a name?  They share the same ingredients but why are they so different?  Virtually a pizza folded over,  the difference is the panzerotto is sealed like a beautiful package.    The other difference is that they are traditionally fried in oil and we all know most things that are fried ( although not healthy) taste good.
Obviously, carrying a pizza while you walk around sounds ridiculous and one slice just isn't enough to satisfy you,  this portable snack was created for pizza lovers who were on the go.  In the past, men would take their "sealed pizza" to work and not have to worry about fussing with toppings falling off or sticking to what ever it was wrapped in.
This does not mean you can't sit down and enjoy this wonderful treat as a meal, especially when it is plated and smothered in more tomato sauce.
They are wonderfully crispy and golden brown on the outside while remaining saucy and cheesy on the inside.
As with pizza, panzerotti are also extremely versatile in terms of fillings and ingredients. The possibilities are infinite.
 Although I like mine fairly plain (cheese and sauce) add whatever you like,  just don't over stuff because they can leak when you cook them.  Overstuffed panzerotti can also be a pain to eat because the filling will ooze out every time you take a bite. 

Today people are looking for a healthier alternative to fried foods so I find that if you brush the panzerotti with olive oil, they can be baked and will taste the same as fried ( if not better). 


afoodobsession said...

Hey Danny, great my Avellinese/Grassanese family, panzerotti are potato croquettes..the ones with lots of egg, parsley, black pepper and pecorino, then fried in a coating of plain bread crumbs...I know other peeps who call that stuffed calzone panzerotti the differences in regional Italian cooking..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Laurie Alves said...

Hi Danny,
Haven't had one of these in years! Looks Delish! Inspiring for sure!

Anonymous said...

Volevo solo fare un commento per dirle che sono felice di aver trovato il vostro blog. Grazie


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