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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy Lemon Chicken

So its January, and its absolutely freezing outside.
There is snow coming down and your drive home from work just took an hour longer than usual.
You pick up the kids and return home tired and aching and realize....!@#$ I still need to make dinner!
This is one of my go to recipes for just such a night. Quick and easy, super tasty and in our house is loved by young and old. Its so quick and easy in fact, once you make it you probably won't need the recipe ever again.
Simple, fast, delicious.
One of the great things I like about this is that it can accomodate an endless aray of side dishes. A fresh salad, peas, corn or whatever you like that is also quick and easy to make on a cold wintery week night.

Easy Lemon Chicken


Boneless , skinless chicken breast
1 cup white wine
Juice of 1 lemon
2 sage leaves
salt and pepper
olive oil

Dredge chicken breast lightly in flour and dust off excess.
Place in a hot pan with olive oil and fry until golden brown Approx 3-4 minutes. per side.
Add salt and pepper
Add wine and lemon juice
Place 2 sage leaves in pan and cover, reducing heat to low
Simmer for approx 25 minutes.

*** the wine can be substituted with chicken stock****

At this point chicken should be fork tender and ready to serve. The excess sauce can also be used to flavour rice as a side dish.......Enjoy!


Vitania said...

Danny - I am so looking forward to getting all your great recipes !! Congratulations on starting this blog, it is going to be fantastic !!

PS - I added you to my blog roll over at Casarecce!!

Jos :) said...

Hi Danny,

Made this recipe this evening for the famigila it was so simple and delicious. Everyone loved it !!!!

Keep them coming - lol :)

Jos :)


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