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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bolognese Sauce

Comfort food. That food that warms your soul. It leaves you totally satisfied yet craving more. It reminds you of your childhood or perhaps mom's or grandma's cooking, like you just came in from the cold and sat by the fireplace.This recipe is one of my comfort foods. It just makes me feel good....period.
I will from time to time write about comfort food because for me it equates to memories, good ones.
Memorable food can help you go back in time to specific day or event where the food was so good that without it perhaps that day or event would just fade away to the back of your mind never to be spoken of again. Anyhow, enough rambling on.....It took me a while to get what I felt was the right mix of ingredients for this dish and now its just the way I like it, comforting and memorable.

1 comment:

Line said...

Mmmm ... another great recipe to savor and to have that mouth watering happening too ... Pasta with great sauce is always a great comfort food.
Thanks for sharing ...


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